A little story…

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I wanted to share a short story with you about how The River City Boys came to be.

For many years back-up singers and gospel quartets have been a big part of many of the shows I’ve produced. I love Southern Gospel Music and have presented many of my favorite artists in concert including Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, Ivan Parker, Mark Lowry, Gold City, The Kingsmen, Sandi Patty and The Oak Ridge Boys just to name a few. I never missed an opportunity to see The Statler Brothers in concert when they were near and working with them during their farewell tour was incredible. Recording and performing with the Jordanaires and JD Sumner and the Stamps was a thrill of a lifetime.

Forming a group was always on the list…but for many years the pieces never fell in place.  The in 2007 I found Scot,  the bass singer.

Several years ago I received a Facebook friend request from Brian, a member of The Stamps.  I told my wife then- “We need to work with this guy”  but he was pretty busy and later he went on to be in another group.

In September 2012 while having a meeting with Beckie Simmons at BSA at NQC I saw Brian across the aisle talking with Jerry Kelso.  I intended to connect with him after the meeting was over but he was gone.

Talk about Dejavu…a year later in September 2013 I’m having the same meeting at NQC with Beckie Simmons and again I see Brian, standing in the same spot talking with Jerry Kelso.  What were the chances?!  And this time we connected.  I shared with him my vision for a group – something rather outside of the box that would be a unique fit for all of the things I wanted to do.  And in spite of having formed a relatively new group himself Brian was interested.

The first project was a “Salute to The Songs of The Statler Brothers” and November found us in the studio with Scot, Dale (the tenor singer) and Mike (the baritone.) along with the musicians that support the live shows.  This whole thing was an experiment, really.  How would the music tracks sound?  Would the voices blend?  Would the mix be satisfactory?  We went slow at first.  Over the next few months we cut 18 songs featured in the Statler Brothers’ Farewell Concert.  The project was completed just in time for their debut performance in March and The River City Boys were born.

This is just the beginning.